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Hong Kong 1.7 mln
If this is not bait then u are truly ignorant. What a typical American pleb showcase. “HK are just peacefully protesting and the police are attacking them.” Do you even know where china is located on...
Hong Kong 1.7 mln
So many NA plebs on this thread saying shit they don’t understand. If this were happening in America the military would have been deployed ages ago with trigger happy policemen shooting down the riote...
Why Liquid is top1 rn
And the uk are no1 in chemistry because they practice pouring acid on ppl’s face yeh?
Hong Kong protests
OP if u want to find an unbiased opinion on the matter go check out Nathan rich’s YouTube channel. He explains it in detail.
if ur gf got pregnant
my gf is 6'
Is a problem if his girlfriend looks like a man
kpop = HLTV's favorite music genre
And 50+ year old guys
sweden wtf?
Nice Muslim gf.
S1mple leave navi
Just need to keep that KD up, don’t need to win to get pussays
how to get model girlfriend?
They have expensive lifestyle that they want to keep when they grow older and can no longer live off on their looks
Kurt Cobain
For Indians
Kurt Cobain
t4gg3d killed LittleMarvin
S1mple leave navi
S1mple swimming in too much money and pussy at navi to leave. He don’t give a shit about winning in a video game because he’s wining in life.
Emil Kirkegaard about pedophilia
He should be gangbanged in prison while in his sleep, see how his anus likes it in the morning
Make a story (use1word)
Why so many suck and dick together? u bunch of faggots?