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MiBR 500 IQ
nope theres also strategy behind winnin
MiBR 500 IQ
another strategy by falllen the mastermind, he gets 16-0d on dust 2 so ppl will pick it against them thinking that its their worst map, easy.
MiBR 500 IQ
MiBR 500 IQ
nt s1mple will stomp BIG
MiBR 500 IQ
Rip mgk
lol if anything killshot only made mgk more popular, people that didn't know about mgk are goin to check him out now that em just made an entire song about him
6ix9ine SHOT multiple times
what happened?
Best mouse for cs?
G403 or ec2-a, i like smaller mouses already had a deathadder and a rival but they just feel too big
18 + Brazilian grills are the best
i don't have a highest rated girl but i know that theres plenty of girls out there that look beautiful without relying on makeup
MIBR never won a bo3 against faze
and FaZe never won a major, easy.
18 + Brazilian grills are the best
m8 how can you tell me that this https://i.imgur.com/LkXmYyi.png is your highest rated girl, also you thought that she streamed without makeup, while in fact you were just gettin fooled by it.
18 + Brazilian grills are the best
she looks like a completely different person without makeup, even she knows that, just hear what she says, as i said above she doesn't even look asian without makeup.
18 + Brazilian grills are the best
lmao you're delusional, here how she looks without makeup, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqkTb2zwmbY skip to 1:00 and look at her face on the left corner, i would say that she is a 4/10 without make...
18 + Brazilian grills are the best
lul these asian girls are all makeup, i mean, look this video https://youtu.be/I21B0Ln1Kjk?t=21
18 + Brazilian grills are the best
show me the highest rated one then