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Good read but choking happens in CSGO often while I also gotta disagree with Flusha wanted to join C9 because of Golden when Fnatic’s core of JW, Krimz and Flusha voted for Xizt to replace Golden
Vitality omegaLUL
Scream? You mean the most overrated player after Shroud?
wanna trade? come here
a flipknife
wanna trade? come here
my whole stuff for it
is 'chingchong' racist?
Some of us just laughs it out
most overrated pro
It has to be Shroud. C9 fangays and autistic children sucks his d*ck so hard. No Major, No MVP’s, Never in HLTV’s top 20. Absolute garbage in LAN and can only deceive people with clips in Gold Nova ma...
This argument is comparable to who’s better between s1mple and device. Device has good teammates so is Durant while S1mple performs and produces a lot better like Lebron. Performance = Lebron / Simple...
csgo snakes
The rivalry only happened after Guardian left NAF ofc he left Renegades in the dust Zeus shouldn’t have left just because his friend is gonna get kicked. It’s all business and nothing personal at t...
csgo snakes
Zeus left after winning a Major because they wanna change Kane as coach..
csgo snakes
You cant be biased with Faze players. They literally snaked their way out to form a superteam
csgo snakes
Stanislaw. Stewie. Tarik. Snax. Zeus. NAF. Shakerbye. Niko. Olof. Guardian
S1mple doesnt deserve mvp
Expected from a retarded S1mple fan
Liquid awper
Not with Envy but with Liquid. He’s the complementary piece that team needs
Liquid awper
But Nifty from NV
worst csgo nicknames
Niko is the worst I can think of