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Valiance vs Sprout
Last time sprout did comeback from 14:2 on train and won me tons of money taking dust 2 after this time all in on 1:1
NoChance vs DreamEaters
Ez for Shiteaters all in 2:1
AVANGAR vs Windigo
So much sway towards avangar don’t forget it’s lootbet avangar can save strats and make a lot money for throw at the same time I bet low on 2-0 or 2-1 windigo
NoChance vs unknown
Stop being so much t sided please
Unique vs Nemiga
Same as yesterday 2:1 unique You know why bcz no one have balls to bet on same result
Unique vs Nemiga
You was so right i won my 2 bets x6 2:0 ago and unique 2:1 shitmiga
Liquid vs Astralis
You need break from bets i'm down too as i bet Ast to win 2-1 and I feel your pain specially after such a massive lead 9-2 on overpass
Spirit vs Winstrike
I cashed out straight away after found out what the maps are bloody overpass they got clear 50/50 record on it with Winstrike why not to pick mirage ???
Spirit vs Winstrike
First map is nuke gg
Spirit vs Winstrike
I hope you right I got all in on 2:0, this is important game for spirit hope they will do 2:0 they definitely remove train and win strike will remove inferno Spirit will pick mirage and winstrike pick...
Valiance vs Tricked
Sprout fucked over Vali 2:0 never forget
AGO vs Windigo
I bet my free £5 bet from Betway on sprout winning 2:0 and ago winning 2:0 now I won half of bet and can’t cash out so hope ago can bring me happy Christmas and £175 bonus
Sprout vs Valiance
Feeling good 2:0 sprout is back
Vitality vs NoChance
Really 10 : 2 I see how good they are
Vitality vs NoChance
Ez throw inc all of them need that extra cash on Christmas shopping mark my words first map 16:0 for vitality second map overtime 17:19 No chance third 14:16 For no chance