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I remember a s1mple carry.
Is it me or is device a bit of a boring player. Like you see it at the end of a year "oh wow device has good stats". But can you remember a single time where he carried his team to a victory? Can you...
I remember a s1mple carry.
Only person baiting here is you, nt
I remember a s1mple carry.
I've seen this terrible argument before, you're so dumb it's not funny. Yes because S1mple was the one who said "Edward go run out and die so we can peek" Stop assuming dumb shit especially when you...
no legit girl pro player....but why?
She was only dropped very recently and was on their team for ages, so yeah Goddess or whatever name was, is a pro female at the highest competition
death penalty
Yeah man, Japan killing soldiers is normal in war tho, but a nuke on a civilian city is another thing
Truth about standard of living in Denmark (and Brazil)
Pretty sure SK has just been around for way longer, I watched a LoL documentary last night (randomly recommended to me) and there was even SK Gaming there. Astralis is partially owned by some of the p...
death penalty
So America has problems with killing murderers and rapists but will happily nuke two Japanese cities full of citizens.
death penalty
Tell that to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
How come you believe in Soul's tho? What purpose does a soul have? Once you die there should not be any soul, humanity has never been able to locate such a thing, your brain turns off and that's it....
Yeah very true, but it's CS:GO... Even lan's in 2019 have terrible delays etc, I wonder when they'll finally figure out how to be on time and fix their problems. Despite having done it for so long the...
Well given how they lined up he probably would've either way.. But yes we'll never know what would've happened.
That's true I can't, just like you can't tell me that Astralis would've won the round if the lag didn't happen so therefore it doesn't matter. Also lag is much apart of the game just like bugs are, ...
Sure, but they all peaked a close angle on an AUG and lined up anyway. The outcome would've just been 4 people dying faster to an AUG rather than slowly as his lagged bullets fucked their skulls. "F...
Yeah I get that, but none of them even attempted to wide swing him, they all peaked the close angle and he had them lined up. It can hardly be entirely the lags fault.
FakeTaxi doesn't count as not paying