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They don't even do that badly against Astralis, they lost 16:9 and 16:10. That's really not that bad.. Unlike FaZe
This Asian DHL Guy :D
Yeah, I did word it really poorly, technically I did write it like that, so I guess you're right. You're doing a good job if English isn't your first language.
This Asian DHL Guy :D
Yeah that's what I said. It's the same as the announcer dude. I meant they are the same person.
This Asian DHL Guy :D
It's the same as the announcer dude, giving me 2nd hand embarrassment
Is ZywOo cheating?
Aight, thanks man :)
And there we go, predicted by budget sumo
He said Magisk, I think maybe he said Device and Xyp9x name in Chinese because fuck pronouncing that with the accent he has. Also, he probably knew how this Dust 2 match was gonna turn out and thoug...
Is ZywOo cheating?
I cannot tell if this is an insult, this is probably the most confusing shit I've ever read. Best yes, Skadoodle, Shroud, Auti, n0thing and Zonic are in Cloud9, they have been winning all the tourname...
I'm so confused as well, he kept saying the same word over and over after their names or something. And no one was hyped, even the Chinese are embarrassed. I got 2nd hand embarrassment right now
Justin King Savage
G1aive crying before match
Expected from smoke abusers, it's not fair if everyone can use it. Only fair if only Astralis can.
Is ZywOo cheating?
JW? Why go to JW when he can just go to the whole of team Liquid? Not a coincidence that they suddenly bomb out of the first tournament that introduces a new anti-cheat suddenly. That's what happens...
Broky doesn't give a shit
Ahaha, nah it's hilarious watching Ence all look dumbfounded by everything, besides Allu who doesn't talk all that much and pulls stoner faces, you could assume the others don't always understand the ...
jks deserves a major
Bottom of Top 20, I think he means... bottom as in a low number, like 1,2,3,4,5...
Is ZywOo cheating?
Not sure you can make claims about them all having hack support, however I don't doubt it anyway. But callouts are a thing, so it's naive to believe byali didn't help at all. I'm sure he did and didn'...