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Cloud9 vs Winstrike
True, if I’m not being overly critical if they could replace Waylander and maybe have boombl4 move off IGL this could be a top 3 CIS team. N0rb3r7 is young and seemingly can only get better.
Cloud9 vs Winstrike
+1 is BotLander even IGL? Or is that BotEdit?
Grand-final at 4 AM
Nice one bro!
400k avarage playerbase, game dead?
Soon brother.
s1mple stats
Cold won majors and after 2016, big events both years he got #1 while having the #1 stats (if not #1, basically always top5.) Considering the way the site seems to tally a player's stats for the whole...
Pros You’ve Played Against?
IGL burden post Zeus, and you'd imagine mental heebie jeebies too. Great at support player when he had a dedicated IGL AND preforming stars in Guardian, then Flamie (not really s1mple, because Zeus ha...
Top 5 igl?
TaZ is fine in the same way Karrigan was fine, undeniably both poor fraggers. Even if TaZ brings fresh stuff to FaZe, pretty much everyone in T1 know's his deck of cards from VP. He's also never playe...
I'm rich: Eating fresh salmon
Enjoy your salmon and your wealth! My rice is very plain but filling.
FaZe 5th!!!!!!
Fair point, but NiKo technically has 'experience.' I wouldn't doubt they make the same mistake as post PGL Gambit, 2016-2017 Navi ect in assuming someone else can IGL on a whim. They have enough starp...
FaZe 5th!!!!!!
Literal coin toss at this point. Imo current roster will probably want to let NiKo IGL and potentially up their fire power with a new star(?) vs. gambling on a dedicated IGL with deeper playbook, but ...