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Major format?
I liked group stages like back in the days. And bo5 final seems a little bit too long from my pov. If it's a good final it would be epic and great show. However, if it isn't balanced (Astralis vs both...
Thna you EG for come to EU
Playing in NA sadly hurt them bad
Thank you, appreciate nice comments :D
I guess it's because ENCE has more potential and roof for improvement, as well as being able to comfortably speak your own language, which is actually a big factor for a teams success, as no internati...
FaZe Olof back who is IGL?
I don't know if Ropz and Cold would work on side specially, both play similar roles and kjaerbye is mostly trying alongside rain and anchoring sites, and he is also playing decently lately, not to men...
FaZe Olof back who is IGL?
Rain igl? Hell nah. Coldzera's english is actually quite decent. I would sign AZR rather than olof and make him igl
2021=G2 ERA
With not achieving success I meant exactly that, they may win a tournament or two a year but they won't be able to replicate constantly that success
top 30 hltv spanish team
Streamer Valorant Why would he downgrade Valorant Meh
2021=G2 ERA
I feel they are going to be like Faze, so much firepower no team chemistry and they will most likely keep choking and lack of communication, I don't see them succeeding tbh
cadiaN Goat
Yes and no
cadiaN Goat
Chosen to lose to juliano
Nawwk to Fnatic?
No. /Close
Best desert eagle pro player of all time?
I agree with most people have said but I'm just going to add Magisk shox, f0rest, REZ, ropz and k0nfig to that list, I think they are really good with them, obviously not best, but they are/were top t...
And I don't get that neither, they didn't have IGL for years now that they have a good IGL they kick him. They didn't have main AWPer for some time they now pick up two, like wtf, for having twist I'd...