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Argentina CS wtf
wtf man? hermanos you guys are really good.. keep going
If i was girl
If I were a girl... I`d be a total slut whore easy money 100% richer than I am right now... lol
"the shit that our supreme court have made". A mesma merda que foi feita anteriormente autorizando a prisão em segunda instancia através de uma PEC furada.. e agora eles vao la e voltam atras (mas o p...
look to your previous comments, boy. You are so weak... so angry...
parasite >
Do you smoke marijuana
Those kids saying "Drugs are for Losers" just fkn grow up kids... stop saying things that you just listen from your fkn mom....
French People
I used to smoke cigars for 7 years... it`s a waste of time, healthy, money and etc... But, I missed it so hard... that sh*t is good bro.. and people with anxiety knows what I mean... I remember when I...
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
lol We know we`ve been paying way more than that should be... but the fact is people here love to show more than they can. Bro, and I know at least 10 people (friends or teammates job) that are suffer...
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Iphone is trash... In Brazil, people does not have money to live... but their Iphone is always on the pocket. Capitalism Symbol
rip china gamers?
That's not a topic about Brazil. Brazilians were always open arms to chinese brothers and sisters... you know that. I just got my point about the whole thing. Peace
I just pointed the real reason why ibovespa is going down... But, you might have your own opinion bro
worst experience
It was 3rd grade during the art class every single project, draw and paint of entire class were on the floor right on the corner...ready to be shown in a event tonight in that day. I started to play f...
And what about yesterday with pre sal? Now it's Lula's fault lol are u kidding me
FaZe current form Look to the stats... CS is in another level nowadays... team are improving and more competitive as well....
If your son told you he’s gay
I respect Turkey and Turkish a lot. I`ve friends there so do not pay attention for all those haters here... But, I feel sorry for you with prejudice and everything... You do not need to like the fact ...