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Listen to the new album from Sepultura "Quadra" and give a chance as well to our brothers from Krisiun! Viva Metal BR
Mano, eu ainda assistirei os cara... mas ja fazia um tempo que eu me importo mais com a furia do que com a mibr. Pode vir hatear e o que for... pra mim atitude de mlk!! nao se importa com o colega de ...
Exatamente. Eu tenho a mesma idade do fer, e eh complicado vc ver alguem que ja esta no cenario ha muito tempo, se portando iigual a um muleke... ja nao eh de hoje que ele exagera e dps joga a culpa n...
kngv hate tweet
"Rollback under pressure cause they didn't want to. Keep faking the cool guy on social media"
Furia already won against the top teams on LAN when furia was just starting their first year on tier1 last year... they were top5 on lan as well. I mean, rn they`re much better than before... I just w...
FURIA vs Liquid
logic... furia have been better than liquid of a while
they've been playing really good and pretty solid tho
Evil Geniuses vs MIBR
I agree... he was a rock! really dangerous player
Evil Geniuses vs MIBR
i'm couple years older than him... He used to play around sao paulo state and one day his oldest team on 1.6 came to play a bootcamp with us in our city. He was just 15yo in that time.. he fkn destro...
FURIA vs Gen.G
Yeah lol.. 0/4 pistol round and yet they managed to not took so many rounds tho
FURIA vs Gen.G
Did furia win any of the 4 pistols?
I don`t get it. Is it a necessary thread? the kid is a beast
Actually, I will always support any Brazilian team at first (I specially enjoy furias style). Then, at second I'll support south americans and Portugal teams as well. The fact is: we have our way to s...
Vitality vs sAw
Let`s go sAw!!! It`s just the beginning guys...