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GuardiaN will comeback.
Yeah, more like Guardian will come back to the buffet line... again... and again... and again...
Name 2 pros with something in common
Stewie and KnGv... both have crappy attitude
My friend went to HS w/ Stew. Back then they used to call Jake Nips b/c in freshman gym class the other boys discovered he had some crazy half dollar size nipples like you'd find on a woman. Nickname ...
mantuu delusional
very much this, winners need to have a winners mentality.
GrEta THUMBerg The PERson Of The YEAR
wealthy little twat takes a sailing vacation and her uber wealthy connected parents get her to yell at UN. you stole muh childhood.... what a clown world
Which player do you miss watching
aye, right in the feels
-stew +who?
Best thing about being a Liquid fan is you're happy even when they lose b/c Stewie is such an unlikeable manlet and it's always nice to see him upset.
That's clearly a French man,
bigots come here
The "Intolerant Left"
Most hated player right now
Stewie has burned every bridge behind him on teams he's left w/ backstabbing and trash talking. He's not even that great a player. He's just a little better than taco... that's all. They could have...
You fucking moron. Bill Clinton flew on Lolita express to his private island 27 times almost always in the presence of underage girls and even threw a private party. Trump is only mentioned when the...
ASAP truth
Yeah, Swedenistanis are required to let their attackers ejaculate in them a minimum of 4 times before they retaliate. /thread
We've got the secret taco recipe. We don't need anything more from your shithole.
Stewie is a POS team killer. For him the grass is always greener. Only problem is no matter how many moves he makes, he can't escape himself.