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Tuscan ;[
2 hours sleep gang
Where my sleep apnea boys at?!
tell me your first nickname ever
Used this name since i was 13 playing Beta CS, are we friends now??
Dear Frankie, (betting addiction)
Woah, if its a serious post then fair play for reaching out and admitting you have a problem. Hope you conquer your demons, lifes too short to be shackled.
Is cheating "a thing " at big tournaments?
What a load of shit.
Why is EU so defensive?
"Best in the world" *Loses to Grayhound. Ayyyy
Valve? 128 ticrate!
Also, its not as if you cant just play ESEA or Faceit if you believe 128 to be so much better, i play both simply for the anti-cheat but im not always convinced that the tickrate is that noticeable li...
Valve? 128 ticrate!
Valve have stated numerous times that the game is designed to run at 64. Whilst we know this is bullshit, this is the stance they have always taken.(Used to be 32 in source and 1.6 for a while until ...
NRG CEO right now
Probably cant see the screen over the massive stack of money they already made from selling the team.
[18+] Labour Party
whats that got to do with anything ive said you thick cunt lol, dont talk to me you dense cunt.
[18+] Labour Party
My sources arent BBC, they're from the House of parliament. Im also not left wing.
[18+] Labour Party
Shows how little you know about British politics, the reason they refused the election is because as soon as that happens, Boris dissolves parliament and any legal arrangement made by parliament stopp...
Atheists come here
This thread is haram.
Most disappointing career?
he got some sweet skins tho.
Maybe try being a nice person.