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be honest 18+
https://ourworldindata.org/human-height There you go, buddy.
s1mple top 1 all time
8/8 Respect
[18+] hot girls?
Doesn't matter, she is way too "shlyuha" faced bros
who can beat astralis
Thats a nice one too 8/8 dude Congrats
who can beat astralis
I don't need to build it, it's already almost done... - Nitr0 + S1mple (Stew IGL) or - Stew + S1mple and Nitr0 IGL + 2nd sniper -> Ez Majors, money, fame and top 1 team 2020 + S1mple Best players 201...
Double pistol Ace by flamie on the same map and the same B side of inferno, for sure
Emilia hult going shopping tomorrow
For sure, if not a 8/8
Emilia hult going shopping tomorrow
That grill is too ugly for device. Device probably can just go straight and fk Angelina Jolie or some elite hollywood biitch
Liquid S1mple
Who the fk cares about what is in the past, when all 5 will be ham for Major wins and Top 1 Ranked team in csgo... - Nitr0 + S1mple (New 1st AWP) and Stew (back to IGL) -> Superteam with no luck of f...
To the stars the INC Superteam, 2020 Top 1 All year long Liquid Elige NAF Twistzz Stew (new IGL) - Nitr0 + S1mple
-edward -zeus
Agree like never agreed on anything. Liquid · - Nitr0 + S1mple · Stew Igl again · Ez 2nd for Stew and 1st for S1mple + Top 1 2020 All year long
Navi shuffle
1st of all, Im a big fan of NaVi since markeloff was there, but NaVi is pretty RIP whatever they do, so... S1mple to Liquid - Nitro + S1mple - Stew IGL again - Ez top 1 2020
S1mple leave
To Liquid - Top 1. 2020 Ez - Nitro + S1mple - Stewie IGL again - Ez 2nd Major 4 Stew and 1st for S1