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FaZe vs G2
U mean g2 disband??? From 11-4 -> 15-7 -> 22-25????
Astralis vs FaZe
Both r equally strong,except faze is not being at their peak recently,hope it will be a insane match which both teams usually show us when they played again each other
Astralis vs FaZe
Yep,astralis and faze have meet each other so frequently against each other,but all of their matches are insanely good
FaZe possibilities after losing to NaVi today
Look at #4 and see if u agree with me
FaZe possibilities after losing to NaVi today
They wont transfer karrigan out because karrigan build this team up to get faze to every playoff, i feel that they should -olof & + cromen, they have 1 decent awper 1 decent igl (yes alot ppl say that...
Most weird major LOLL
FaZe Clan..
Did i say their cod was good??? Prove it shady china
FaZe Clan..
Prove to me when are they arrognant Prove to me how are they overated (they won against astralise 3-0 in a bo5) Prove to me how are they noobs (if they are noobs how did they even go pro,if they are n...
Astralis vs mousesports
Expected from polish ppl that doesnt understand english
Astralis vs mousesports
He said "like always"
Astralis vs mousesports
Iem sydney faze 3-0 astralis in a bo5 ops
VG.Flash vs BOOT-d[S]
Boot just prove u wrong by wining 2-1 against vg flash
FaZe vs fnatic
I dont see niko being chokers and guardian being a bot after their peformance at iem sydney, and certainly olof is not budget and niko is usually more piss than rain so i dont get why rain got a nick...
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]
If u do know that tyloo is a tier 2 wherelse boot-ds is a tier 3/4,but u do now that boot-ds manage to win 1map on a big lan tourament (which i forgot the name,it was in year 2017-2018),u can check th...
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]