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VG.Flash vs BOOT-d[S]
Boot just prove u wrong by wining 2-1 against vg flash
FaZe vs fnatic
I dont see niko being chokers and guardian being a bot after their peformance at iem sydney, and certainly olof is not budget and niko is usually more piss than rain so i dont get why rain got a nick...
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]
If u do know that tyloo is a tier 2 wherelse boot-ds is a tier 3/4,but u do now that boot-ds manage to win 1map on a big lan tourament (which i forgot the name,it was in year 2017-2018),u can check th...
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]
Oh no china kids salty over tyloo losing to boot-ds and blame ping problem,expected from china who need cheats to win
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]
Better than indian kids that are stuck at silver&gold nova in csgo shouting in voice chat,end up bottom fragging XD
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]
So is fnatic
Why -NiKo?
Haha shit,i misread ur comment,thinking that u wrote faze was struggling,my bad
Why -NiKo?
Faze didnt struggled for the past 5mths,sk is the real one struggling
FaZe Grand Slam
They will get the money,all stand in will be able to get the money,just check intel grand slam,they are included
KennyS vs Guardian vs Device
New fagg,guess u r the one when u dont even know that the highest record was 30k on cs when u commented that no one had hit 2k yet LOLLL,fake brazil kid eh since u change ur flag,newfag
KennyS vs Guardian vs Device
Kennys spent 9k hours idiot,guess who is the real liar who know nothing about cs
KennyS vs Guardian vs Device
If u failed englishand math,2k means 2000,so 2k hrs means 2000hrs,i will excuse u if u admit u failed ur nursery english and math
SK vs Space Soldiers
Astralis lose to faze with a stand in 3-0 when they are the top team in the world so u r wrong
FaZe vs Liquid
They beat them in iem sydney but lose to them in starseries, i think train might have a higher chance of getting bann