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NaVi pathetic
Trying to represent his country I guess.
w0xic vs Nifty
Nifty is the awper who will play awesome when you don’t expect it but play shit when you do. w0xic is an awper you can rely on to clutch but if you don’t think he’ll play good, he won’t play good. I...
FaZe wont win ESL Pro League S7 Finals
A Danish team will win. It could be either Astralis or OpTic. I'm calling it now.
is fortnite the best game ever made
Paladins best game.
The french scene needs a young IGL talent like Golden to try to fix all this drama.
Nifty vs kennyS
I'm sure Kenny will be good again in shox's project. I'm disappointed in current G2. I thought kennyS and mixwell will be the new ScreaM and shox. I'm not sure if I'll still give it time or not.
New G2 daily thread
I'm sure bodyy wants a fresh start because he's not doing too good in current G2. He should stop being stupid and accept shox's offer. Ex6tenz (IGL rifler) Smithzz (Support rifler) Shox (Lurker rifle...
New G2 daily thread
Where will NBK and apeX go if this happens?
I guess your IQ
Philippines 5.4 (small mousepad) disturbed, anxious and have a lot of shit going on in life G2 left
NiKo and rain helping him at the end tho!
NiP right now
Weird way of spelling R EZ and draken
Didn't shox say that he wanted to kick NBK and apeX and add Ex6tenz and Smithzz? Bodyy is disappointing right now but I bet shox will get some good work out of him in this project.
Top 10 IGLs of all time (CS:GO)
1. gla1ve 2. Fallen 3. Xizt 4. Ex6tenz 5. pronax 6. Zeus 7. gob b 8. Happy 9. TaZ 10. Nifty
Top maps to watch
Are you new to CS? Perhaps you haven't seen Dust2 back in the day with Envy and fnatic and such. 1. Dust2 2. Inferno 3. Train 4. Overpass 5. Nuke 6. Mirage 7. Cache
It ain't just 1 clip. He just dropped 50 frags while also being an IGL and he's got many other clips too, most of them on Cache.