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godlike sniper??
Who the hell is this guy BCko and all HLTV users still promoting him? Which exactly is godlike in this video?
You are really braindead if you want someone to comment this especially with negative comments.
- Denmark - Chess Pick one.
GooseBreeder > s1mple
Best nicknames "it's my", "somedieyoung1", "GooseBreeder". And also bigger nose results in bigger stats.
do you pay tip?
All waiters/waitresses are on minimal wage just because their bosses know that they gonna take some extra $. It is just something normal to give them a tip. How would you feel if you are a waiter and ...
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
Sometimes happens.
[+18] weird personal question
Very very strong
Zeus baiting for s1mple and electronic. When dont - top fragging
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
Swedistan learn how to lose. You are fan of a dead team.
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
Zeus 2 maps top fragging and very good fragging at all for the past 2 months. What else do you want?
Natus Vincere vs Windigo
Maybe because Windigo read NaVi very good. It is not one sided match and all talking about NaVi understanding for the game. Windigo just counter play them. They know that NaVi are good on B or A is ea...
Natus Vincere vs Windigo
They cant ban Overpass because cant play cache tho... So for NaVi Over is definetely better choice.
FaZe vs Heroic
Very poor fraging from blad3...
FaZe vs Heroic
The most overrated IGL all the time. He is old af too. They need someone like Lekr0 or Golden.
FaZe vs Heroic
Make screenshot on the last 5 FaZe matches. Beat all top 3 teams in a row.