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True, but almost every other event they haven't even made playoffs. They have an occasional good run but just appear average. Not gonna take away their achievements but their expectations are clearly ...
I think NiP as a whole is just overrated, like you got Plopski and REZ who are nothing more than average players and sometimes even worse. Hampus has good games but Is nothing special when it comes to...
G2 not change roster
Hunter cannot entry, you saw when Jackz wasn’t their to entry for the team he struggled a lot, nothing different this time.
How to pass time AT WORK
Create quality baits on HLTV, become the next greatest shitposter on the site. Make your self remembered as a no-life scrub spending all day baiting kids on HLTV.
Best Map in 2021?
Heroic vs Gambit map 3 bo5 final in Pro League 13, played on Train and it ended something like 28-25 idk I don’t remember the exact score.
POLL [2/4]: Best USP-S Skin [Quarter-finals]
Neo noir Kill confirmed Traitor Orion
M0nesy: device "doesn't enjoy playing in Sweden, in NIP... wants to go back to Denmark."
That’s what I thought, people make up anything for attention.
M0nesy: device "doesn't enjoy playing in Sweden, in NIP... wants to go back to Denmark."
For a rapper? Who. I thought she was single.
Faze in blast fall final
Debate: G2 +El1an or M0nesy?
El1an, more proven and passive style suits G2 much better, Idk about his English, but S1mple said that m0nesys English is worse than s1mples was when he was son Liquid, plus it’s a 16 year old kid wit...
-nexa +TACO
Though this is bait what I'm trying to say is that people actually think Nexa is leaving cause G2 said they want IGL? Nexa was never orignally an IGL and has said in interviews that he prfers to play ...
poor LNZ
Maybe he's not as bad as people say, but you are delusional if you think Es3tag is not a perfect fit and a big upgrade, if he lives up the his potential he can even help NiP be world class. With LNZ t...
s1mple on new goals: "I'd be happy with a few more Majors and one more Grand Slam"
played league of legends!
Exactly, no game comes close to league's toxicity and shitty community, I play the game alot becuase I like the concept but fuck everyone who plays it. You must be mentally stable if you're gonna play...