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CS vs VALORANT (honest)
Maps - CSGO Shooting mechanics - CSGO Anticheat - Valorant Rank/Eli system - CSGO Optimisation - CSGO Servers - Valorant Community - CSGO (You love to hate toxic Ruski’s) Devs - Valorant Esports- CSGO...
You must be a religious man if you no fap till Mibr wins major
igl question
ok so i play csgo with a friend and he thinks hes so good at the game and being an igl. hes sorta new and he thinks he has insane aim and game sense while he doesn't compared to good players. he tries...
Why does UK get so much hate?
No you can’t lie to yourself. Brits are the most toxic out there, mostly above 18 or around that age just ducking annoying. Flag doesn’t check out.
C9 EU?????!!!!!!
and Kassad
When is FaZe going to get good?
I give them 1 more tournament, if still this bad they hopefully could get some coaching or IGL change, NiKo used to be one of the best lurkers in the game so why can't he overtake that role and they g...
csgo alphabet game
D stands for delusional big fans
hugo and harry
Moses and HenryG went to coach. If Anders comes back casting when LAN returns with Semmler they'd be the best. But rn Hugo and Harry are the best casters out there, Idc what you say I love their casts...
New C9 in the ranking?
Prob gonna be EU roster with HenryG and ALEX so far both being from UK, then Kassad from serbia so EU roster prob.
xyp9x to cloud9
Not Kio, he’s not the same player anymore and seems to be IGL of Hereticts and his form has dipped massively
xyp9x to cloud9
FaZe Issues/Fix
Finally a useful fix thread. I agree with almost everything. I think though FaZe need a coach change as they seem to be running off the same strats for months now. I say move Ynk to an analyst role an...
FaZe last chance
Being a FaZe fan is really frustrating, because when they get a new player, they try to just use them to replace what Olof used to do and not give them room to play whatever they want. I just wish the...
Why does HLTV hate pop?
Pop is such a generic term and the same goes for rap. There can be many types of pop music and people like different things. THe term "Pop" can refer to different types of music and sometimes it's har...