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Rate spotify playlist
You got some good songs, but not all my type. Just my opinion though and this shouldn’t matter to you at all, listen to what you want.
Navi truth
Feel sad for haters
I am the biggest Gamb0t hatet from now on
Why we have bo5 games?
I love it. It really proves who the better team is in the final, it's not a race it's a marathon and you have to stay collected and in form throughout. Also very entertaining to watch a map 5 or a clo...
I like it, playing towards the B site is so fun though some entrances can be a bit too small and unfair for T’s like on B Cave to Cheetah. I think the A Site is very hard for T’s to clear and be able ...
Ancient Hate
I don't mind the change of map, I just don't like how they removed train over other maps.
New Liquid coach
he went valorant
Is Astralis still good?
I mean this year they proved that even with Dev1ce as their star AWPer the rest of the firepower on the team just wasn't enough. Gla1ve and Xyp drop their form significantly, Magisk wasn't playing gre...
-Kyojin +Nivera
Man Nivera does not fit the roles required in the team. They need support player to replace Rpk and someone to go entry, Nivera is not that type of player.
Gambit 2-0 Fair ...
BIG #6 ranking
Ranking rn: Gambit #1 Heroic #2 REST TOO INCONSISTENT
IMO BlameF just needs to allow more space for a star trio of Jks, Poizon and K0nfig. If he lets his teammates bait him instead they will shine greater and realistically thats what the point of signing...
Best "Lil" Rapper?
+1 Eminem best all time no debates /Closed
Favorite Pokemon
Arcanine, dog like, fast moves, fire go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Realistically +KRIMZ would be the best bet, Flusha/Olof can maybe add some good mid-round calling to the team but individual performance could be a bit questionable. Though I'd love to see Olof join i...