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to all mibr haters
anyone can deny that because it's a debatable topic. LG/SK/Mibr is the number 1 team in their time but it is achieved with different rosters. No one can deny they were a solid team especially in 2016 ...
They didn't, especially in mirage. They threw a 2v3 that could've gone their way if they had sent 1 guy back to A from B after there are no more pushes in B. They rely so much on individual aim and it...
Fnatic biggest dissapointment
Xizt, get the fuck Out.
not so ez when the team is playing like shit rn
Xizt, get the fuck Out.
The problem is they're still stuck in the minor.
fnatic didn't rotate, why?
Roster change coming soon. Team too noob to retake. Even matchmaking team knows that there's something wrong when they're not pushing in 15+ seconds
Why Vitality era is coming ?
I don't think hltv ranking is really that important because you can see how biased it can be. Mibr stays on 6th when they go to no events for the past few weeks while Fnatic dropped to 7th. Anyways te...
Why Vitality era is coming ?
Ofc all of them want to win but prestigious events like Dreamhack Masters, IEM and ESL is their target to win. Cs summit isn't serious enough to be considered an important event or considered as an ev...
Why Vitality era is coming ?
Its hard if you're a hardcore fan of a certain team in the topic but I personally wouldn't protect my fav team that hard because I know the position they're in rn.
Why Vitality era is coming ?
The environment they play in. That event is more to a chill and relaxing event, not a competitive one.
Do you think your life is good ?
I mean the journey we're going through in life is what makes it great even though not all people get the same exact nice life.
Top 10 players by skill
I bet he can't control M249 when he spray it
Top 10 players by skill
Scout/SSG 08 Shotgun Negev M249
No Korean tournaments?
The hype for CSGO is just covered by other games like Starcraft and League of Legends and I didn't say a tournament in Korea would be bad but it will just probably be a small tournament like IEM Shang...
No Korean tournaments?
but if it's hosted by an org like ESL, it would probably be like IEM Shanghai, a decent and proper tournament but still no hype in there.