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Well You would need a look into his contract with faze for his stand in period so its not like someone really knows. He probably didnt but I could imagine Faze giving him a small bonus bcs he did qui...
Bymas Aimlock?
when he flicks backup he is not even on him he just ran out of bullets so he tried to pick up one of the ak s
pro names hltv game
3,676 Hours
not getting better after 18k hrs ngl
Tec 9 is broken.
cz still better tbh dont think too much od tec 9. and the p250 isnt that much worse then the tec9 on rushes the tec9 works just fine but honestly havent felt too much diffrence in the tec9
fallen fulltime igl kng fulltime main awp -meyern +killdream as a sup (speaks portugese and looked decent at a couple dreamhacks (dreamhack open valencia 2018 I think)
i hate navi
I mean they literally beaten astralis three times this year already and LAN without crowd is still a LAN with alot of pressure and if you think beating astralis three times in the row is bad and just ...
i hate navi
umm Navi won on LAN vs Astralis at katowice ???this year and at blast premiere on LAN aswell wym?
tapping in cs
Its alot about quick decision making and gamescence under high pressure you need to remain calm. controlled breathing would be a method. And looking back at demos reminds you of the mistake wich will ...
TSM Roster
well they originally had sick autimaic (unknown at that time) twisstz (same) relyks and semphis when they went to NA so I do believe this is true
like moose is really good an sick actually quite good aswell its much more about vanity I feel like as an igl they probably wont go really far
Germany or the UK
What is wrong with you? That is not even funny.
Germany or the UK
no honestly. I'd like to move away. I dont like the langauge. I dont like the food... well actually its better than british food... but also my gf lives in the uk. and some other friends either want t...