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wasted talents cuz of old VAC ban?
Spezro (Idk how to write his name) polish awper great talent but at the age of 14 he cheated and got vac Banned.... so.... he isnt allowed at valve sponsored Tournaments
just saying tarik was the mvp at eleaugue boston major... he didnt carrie them
Failed talents
failed Talent. gotta mention dennis tbh
drugs are bad (alcohol too)
well drugs are bad. sometimes. since medicine is actually drugs aswell there are drugs that arent good at all but there also some that can have nice effects alcohol boosts ur confidence just knowing y...
nexa overrated...
thats a well structured argument... So nexa probably 1 of the best upcoming Support players in the world plus he seems to be a pretty decent igl. Did you expect that g2 would already be a crazy good t...
Pro player quotes
List Grat replacement
Cloud9 fix
no Changes needed lol. They need time I give them up to 6 months tenz is completely new to the scene he needs to improve his game sure but that needs time. teams under daps leadership always needed th...
Xyp9x and clutches
not only is he crazy good at clutchesbut his work as a support is superb. saying removing xyp9x clutches and he is not worth it is like saying remove coldzeras aim and hes nothing special
Germany still Germany old fnatic (flusha pronax jw olof krimz) flusha well I dont really remember to much ran into a tree multiple times Ence it seems weird to remove your IGL keep aerial and get sun...
i guess ur IQ
germany favourite team old fnatic (olof krimz JW pronax flusha) fav player flusha
(Strawpoll) Major MVP
Zywoo gotta be mvp or elige elige has been crazy lately but zywoo is sooo good
meat tax?
there are multiple problems. Germans eat unhealthx amounts of meat and to get these amounts they come all the way from Argetinia for example towards Germany 2 pounds of meat cost a ridicoulos amount o...
FaZe after Major
I hope they either sell of I mean Niko could join so many teams it would free up rain and olof could go back to sweden. many opportunieties wich would make 3 good teams instead of a new Faze but if th...
r8 my girlfriend