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Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
Da fuck you say?
USA Wealth Inequality
Ahhh the ol’reliable far left leaning, socialist pushing, white male hating media. They love pandering to weak impressionable children. It’s called propaganda youngster....
Singularity vs NRG
I said that because his glasses looked thick. Who’s the racist now....besides, I’m Asian too. Lefties always jump to conclusions and call out racism.
Singularity vs NRG
More like “noSee” dude blind as hell.
Try again
iPhone 6 in 2K18
Get a battery and tools to change it for $10.00 on eBay. I have had an iPhone 6 for 4 yrs now and it works great. Just changed out the battery myself. Ezpz
Most profit you ever made?
$16k in 10 minutes. I couldn’t make anymore so I had to start dropping for team mates.
High on Fire - Matt Pike is a genius.
cerq laugh thread
Yes laugh at others misfortune or short comings. Not like the guy deserves people shitting on him for not playing well. Sad way to be...
Ben Shapiro
“Sad really” is an insult? Huh....interesting.
Karma’s a bitch...
Your salary?
Ahhh I see. I was just trying to help the guy too...sad.
Your salary?
You seem to understand English very well. Try to find a company that needs an interpreter. Have them pay your expenses to come to the US. It’s not out of the question. Companies just write that expens...
Astralis vs Liquid
Fuck you, in no way was that “propaganda”. It wasn’t misleading or biased. Fucking libtard kid.
How much is your salary ?
32K a month I’m a DJ.