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Exposing the Elisa Lam tragedy to build awareness, RIP.

RIP Trik

He was a brave soul, very smart individual and a hero to our country. In the end, he deserves better than this website. I wish him the best! Much love brother.

Bush, Clintons & Obama and creation of ISIS: The CIA and Saudi Arabia supported the Wahhabist Taliban and have backed the Kharijite IS, formerly ISIS. The U.S. military trained IS terrorists in the art of killing people and blowing things up. The Afghan Mujahideen, many who would ultimately form the Taliban, picked up their sabotage and murder skills at the CIA’s spy training camp in Virginia. Obama and Hillary Clinton continued Bush's corruption with Al Qeida and expanded the business with creation of ISIS, and they funded them through "military funding" to start controversy and war. It's a fake regime for business purposes and world control. It's to create false flags and to blame "terrorists" for it. Lot's of people are waking up to this fact. I soon hope the corruption ends soon. Thanks to Trump we are getting closer! God bless us all.

Aliens? They exist. Their technology is big withheld from the public so businesses can continue making money and also to prevent panic. They're already here doing experiments. Look at Phil Schneider for example, he went into an underground secret military base with high clearance and exposed the alien and human experimentation labs. Look it up, he then died after trying to exposed, he got murdered.
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