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okay jyo
Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
bentet always playing to passive when he needs to be aggressive and vice versa
Summit - the worst event organizer
at least he is going to school :)
G2 vs Movistar Riders
steel's mouse1 stopped working
Bubzkji new team
when is the last time you have seen a play from cajun? i mean everyone can sit and hold an angle. at least gade has some spark to him. would take him any day of the week :)
Bubzkji new team
kick bot kristou, when kjaerby gets back, cajun should retire or something.
Send me all the cheating clips
ok thanks for the input
Send me all the cheating clips
not sure if lock or coincidences, but i feel like i've seen nawwk with some suspicious plays. these are the ones i've had saved. https://clip...
MIBR fix
i wont drag this out, you obv has your meanings and thats fine. and no, trk shouldn't be kicked, he shouldn't even be on the team in the first place :)
MIBR fix
meyern weren't the problem, but trk singlehandely lost 3 rounds on inf. you can't blame the igl when his players are missing shots. also, vertigo were the obvious pick, so thats obviously where eg has...
MIBR fix
trk is playnig to scared to have impact. only spot he is somewhat useful is pit on inf "you miss 100 of the shots you don't take, wayne gretzky, michael scott"
G2 vs Natus Vincere
kenny shit his pants ramp and lost the control, which meant he was solo on b, causing the overrotation.
G2 vs ENCE
someone tell me what sunny brings to this ence team
G2 vs ENCE
sunny most uninspired igl atm, still have this feeling jamppi might hard carry mirage
june 17th 14:00