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Winstrike vs Sprout
Winstrike looks strong with bondik btw XD
Danish CS
Moddii to a swedish team maybe..?
Winstrike vs Heroic
wp to boombl4 but that winstrike team aint looking strong im my eyes, yet.
Winstrike vs Heroic
how delusional are you? won't even try to argue with you, that ego of yours is blocking ingoing information
Winstrike vs Heroic
vp allowed winstrike to just run up pop 5 times on their t site. what big mistakes did sprout make? they were simply outclassed.
Winstrike vs Heroic
You basing this on what? They won against vp, have you seen vp play? pure garbage. On the other hand, heroic just dominated sprout on one of their best maps...
should FAZE kick NIKO ??????
Did you even watch the game vs nip? they were lucky getting 7 rounds. his calling is unmotivated with zero structure, it's just 5 individuals looking for fights. then eventually moving into a lacklust...
Valiance vs LDLC
3. LDLC picked Dust2
g2 decides, so they prop starting ct
3DMAX vs Windigo
surely some matchfixing going on here.
Singularity vs eUnited
He failed to trade infinite on banana as well, prime position to shut down the t's jumping through smoke. Unlucky outcome for sng, just proves you gotta be ready in every single round :)
Singularity vs eUnited
Totally agree. And yea, ryan really did whiff a lot of shots in the last couple of rounds.
Astralis vs Ghost
veto showed train 1st map, changed to overpass, casters still saying train. not confused at all
x6tence Galaxy vs 3DMAX Hes doing great, so what are you "XD"ing about kid.
[18+] SWEDEN
how is this not down yet? it's been an hour...