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Some people are so lucky...
I only got an Icarus Fell, but still worth
FaZe top 4
You can't posibily think that.....for real. They are not even playing at the same level. ENCE never PLAYED a tier 1 tournament. FaZe had some decent results in some tier 1 tournaments lately.
[18+] How much did you grew after age of 17
your nickname origin?
My favorite character from an anime in the time when I was like 14 and animes were actually cool
French scene is saved
If YoU dOn'T sPeAk PrOpEr EnGlIsH oN tHe InTeRnEt ThEn YoU mUsT bE sTuPiD
Astralis 27-0
Ok man, calm down. I already said I am wrong about that map with FaZe.
Astralis 27-0
I only looked for recent times, both events are from this month
Astralis 27-0
Sorry, I just observed you comment is older than the match against FaZe
Astralis 27-0
>even when playing bad they still get double digit rounds every single map >7-16 against FaZe (IEM Chicago), 9-16 against Na'Vi (Blast Pro Series). And I can find more if I go earlier in this year. N...
[18+] How much did you grew after age of 17
That's bullshit :) I know a lot of people that are taller than their fathers. I also think I am barely taller than mine.
[18+] How much did you grew after age of 17
Like 2-3 cm I think....I can't remember my height at 17, but now I'm 182 cm
Stay strong Ukraine!
Europe barely has any high functioning military unit. Our only hope is America in a war against Russia
Worst major winner?
You are so pathetic. Everyone on this post saying Gambit, C9, fnatic, FaZe are shit...and no shitty fanboy is starting to insult them....But everytime, anyone says anything about Ast.....here you are....
Worst major winner?
You are wrong and you should feel wrong.