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Smooya beef
Ok, i get it....there was no point in restarting that round. But also, what was the point acting like a 12 y old calling other pro players "retard" in chat? ChrisJ is out of my "respected people" lis...
Nexus vs ArenaBulls
Of course, cry more
Most under/overrated player in ur country?
Nobody know any romanian player...idk why i'm losing my time with this...but... Overrated: XELLOW Underrated: SEMINTE
I guess your mm rank
1342 pizza 22
15 cm dick small or normal?
Yep, this guy is right. Don't listen to all the virgins on here.
Im device hater but
Don't worry man, shitty hltv kids who change their "favorite" team depending on who is no 1 at that moment. P.S.: I hope north wins StarSeries...or mouz, that works out for me P.P.S.: ENCE is shit
Im device hater but
WHERE? YOU ASK WHERE? Fucking 2 replies above this one. Also, device is only a whiny bitch who skips events to prepare only for the "big" ones. All the other teams/players go to events every 2 weeks i...
Most under/overrated player in ur country?
He is/was Space Soldiers coach and he played for them in the major qualifier. And he had like 20 kills in 3 maps. :)
BIG vs Fragsters
Fu them up, tabseN!!!!!
Fantasy pool picks on esp.bet for StarSeries
Thank you son
Fantasy pool picks on esp.bet for StarSeries
Well, I just took the players with the most chances to be relevant in this event, accordin to my opinion
FCDB vs Nexus
FCDB vs Nexus
mousesports vs NRG
Rip money
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Na'Vi - Liquid 1-2 I do like FaZe, but they won't reach the finals.