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Will Fnatic make it?
FaZe was 0-2 last major too, and made it to the playoffs.
2 NA teams in top 5
Do you even know what "CIS" is? In your comment it's something like: 2 players from an intergovernmental organization 1 player from a country 4 players from the northern part of a continent 13 player...
Only bad for people using bots to farm cases. I have only received 1 case in total from all the majors I've watched....so yeah, I'm pretty glad I can receive 3 now.
3-0 guess !
Fnatic and ENCE
Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
Well, Rapid and Dinamo maybe...not so sure about CFR Cluj tho..... But Steaua is the only team well known at an european level...that's why I only put it here.
List of fun mods (since 1.6)
war3 was epic. With those fcking items like "mole", that let you spawn in the enemy team base the next round.
Got vs lotr
It's funny he got mad on a fact :))
Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
1. the former Steaua Bucuresti i guess 2. ??? 3. ???
And cheating don't....
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I don't think is that hard with the pick'em FaZe win major, ez crate JK
Viewer Pass
"could" I got 1 crate in 3 majors i've watched every single match (or the match was opened in the background). At least now I'll get 3
Tarik / Karrigan new team
ChrisJ can focus on awping
Proof FaZe will won the major.
Well, of course.
Proof FaZe will won the major.
If that's the case....i will suck your dick
El clasico today
I have no idea what is that soccer you're talking about.