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Pregnant woman arrested for Facebook post.
New team confirmed: Hadji, allu, electronic, device, seized
Yep, because your friend's problem was more important than meeting their deadlines.
shhh, let the stupid kid talk shit, he won't accept your argument anyway
[POLL] Valorant
Well, go and play competitive now. I can bet you will get rekt by a random former silver in csgo that learned how the game works. Of course cs go players had an advantage at the beginning when nobody ...
NiKo crosshair
Because it's a fucking bait. The clip was edited to look like that, it's not something that his actual crosshair does
dont get a job
No, nothing will change. The society is like this since lords and noblemans, only nowadays they are called "CEOs". Back then, peasants were working for food and housing, now we are working for money ...
dont get a job
That's a whole other story. If you ask why there is such a big discrepancy between salaries, well, because we let it there to be. Because, we, as people, instead of thinking: "i wish me and all my fri...
dont get a job
What is that bad system you are talking about? What is bad about it? The "system" can be literally anything.
dont get a job
You are either a 12 y old lying about having a job or a 20y old with the brain of a 12 y old. How can you already be employed but don't understand how the world as a whole works? Even a fucking bird ...
-woxic +GuardiaN
Ever heard of "jobs"?
Most pleasant moment in CS
For me I think the USP 1 taps on enemies without head armor