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caught fapping
Nah im skating since I was 12 doing jumping out of planes since 15 xD nah we were not covered. I really kind of known it will happen I asked her not to fuck her there but she kept pushing so I was jus...
caught fapping
Real funny one gonna remember that while im alive
caught fapping
We were both 17 so day after that her dad came to my house to talk with my dad and me :) tbh I did not want to fuck here coz her door could not lock and she had full house of siblings and family. But ...
caught fapping
I got caught fucking girl in her house by her mother
No man you dont see that in Brazil in France it became norm kind of
Best nike shoe
/open P-rod ofc /close
Best mouse 80 euros
Zowie 10/10
Old orgs you miss
Dannish and Norwegian girls found dead
But tbh leftist got most of your country brainwashed. You rather have pets than children, and they fuck like crazy so ye in few years germanistan
Why does life matter to you?
Embrace the pain... you will know trur living once you aint afraid anymore.
Why does life matter to you?
Life is ze best my friend. For me its all about adrenaline, do fun stuff not just stay at home and you will have some amazing time. There is so much stuff to do. Just keep opend mind and never be scar...
Spiegel Journalist found faking Articles
Sure thing is they cant agree on age let alone something serious. Well how will ppl know whem 99,9% fake news thats why best thing you could do not watch tv or news
Leftists mad at the truth
True I know few ppl who lied and god asylum so ez. They just made fake gay profile and shit and got it
Spiegel Journalist found faking Articles
Its all about money dno why is this so strange to you... more money more lies and deception its world we live it. Now you dont have to be truthful just fort one to report and sell stories. I remember ...
Why ppl can have god complex its psychopath trait but still possible xD