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your headset
razer blackshark v2
I will answer every thread!!
how many comments will you farm?
might as well name ur thread "DELUSIONAL_RX570_FUN COME HERE"
First csgo team?
i cheated to faceit level 10. ama
how did u cheat on vac secured servers? i need to know, for a friend
If you were an IGL what would be your map pool?
cobble aztec everything in the current pool -dust2 and mirage
4:3/16:9 come
it is just preference i play on native, but i used to play on stretched. from my experience, the models move slower, which means easier tracking. although the models are smaller, when you get to a dec...
Broken Fang Medal
just get 6 stars for each week, then ur good it's a lot easier than previous operations
in person school
i'm doing mixed classrooms are smaller (in terms of population), we have to wear masks, and spray down the desks after use it isn't really as bad as you would think.
Zywoo switch to Valorant
what? i never said dota 2 was easy, but they require completely different skills. when did i say dota 2 was easy?
Zywoo switch to Valorant
how inflated was it?
Zywoo switch to Valorant
i played valorant with my irl friends for a week back in december, and i got immortal rank after a week (i had around 20 hours on the game) i'm sure if i grinded more, i could get radiant. sure, it ma...
I played one game of ESEA and I'm 399th place NA?
round win share, you can learn more about it here: long story short, it is a way to measure your round impact, but it isn't the bes...
I played one game of ESEA and I'm 399th place NA?
i am trash and i got to top 50 in terms of rws, esea is dead nowadays. i'm a pretty bad player (level 7 faceit), but i managed to have 16 rws average at one point for my stats this month (i was 3-3 in...
source: trust me bro