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- Apex + Kio
ty !
- Apex + Kio
Ah? I didn't see that, source?
Mousesports such a joke
It's not pretext, but these matchs are totally irrelevant. Take a match that dates from 8 months ago ...
- Apex + Kio
No he doesn't
Mousesports such a joke
Ah you talk about this game when the team was still recent and there was no Alex? Decidedly, all your examples are really good, gg!
Mousesports such a joke
Oh yes, you are talking about this match of MDL, when Vitality returned from 3 tournaments in a row in the United States, they were already qualified for the playoffs of the MDL and they were on vacat...
Trash Zywoo and S1mple
It's what i say. But Fallen is absolute shit now
s1mple goat
Say that France is a dying scene when you support ukrainian players....
r8 clutch
Wtf, clearly one of the worst editing I've seen
Trash Zywoo and S1mple
Yep I totally agree, they have to learn how to handle pressure, and they can really be very strong. And I really think that being IGL has an impact on the kills, there are not many leaders who could ...
HLTV Top 20 (currently)
Wtf , in 2019? Simple won nothing. Zywoo plays at the highest level since few months and already has 3 MVP, 2 tournaments and one final
Trash Zywoo and S1mple
He is IGL, so it's more complex, he always has moments where he is very strong but I agree that he is really irregular, I hope that it will change
Trash Zywoo and S1mple
I agree for this tournament but when he was in Nv and LDLC, he clearly was one of the best fix in the world
Trash Zywoo and S1mple
> stupidest bots of csgo >NBK bot : One of the players with the most trophies on the game. We may not like it, but treating it as bot means a little saying that 3/4 of the players are also bots. We a...