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No , you are the one here joking : https://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/
Ronaldo xD joke Now talking seriously im proud of Portugal history , Im proud of our little country be one of the best on football and other sports like futsal , roller hockey etc... , Im proud cuz th...
Atheists come here and answer me
Just to start , you are just trying to throw shit at everyone that don´t believe in your god so you clearly a dumbass. Second , i can´t say that I´m atheist or not because I think that can exist a God...
Atheism =lottery
+1 I didn´t understand this thread too.
Benfica Youth
If Fabio Silva was in Benfica he would cost 200M according to the jornals and tv xD
Benfica Youth
that is true my friend :D
174cm almost 18 yo
Sry to say this but in one way what he is saying has a little bit of truth because height can be a plus or a minus in the way that girls prefer guys that are taller than them but ofc there are other t...
PT language practice
I won´t even try to discuss that with you because you are clearly baiting.
PT language practice
That is spanish wtf dude xD
PT language practice
It is called inferiority complex.
sad but true xD
I was at the stadium too and the ambience was so nice probably the most enjoyable game to watch this season and I go to every home game . And ofc im even happier for the win. FORÇA PORTO !
ugliest sounding languages
I really like UK english because it´s like European portuguese vs Brazilian portuguese and in that case UK vs USA. The USA english its easier to compreend like brazilian portuguese and UK english is l...
ugliest sounding languages
About Azores is true because sometimes even I cant understand what they are saying when I hear someone from Azores talk.
Sex education
m8 you are in hltv , all the things that everybody watches or does is cringe because that is something that a "normie" would do. They are just dumb so don´t even try to argue with them is a waste of t...