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‘bro’ in your country
Do you smoke marijuana
Bro i dont even play mm Stoned, i know id be shit
Is steam down?
New HLTV stat
"Another factor should be how much dmg the player does in relation to how much he has spent on his own weaponry. This will for example allow skilled deagle players to shine in this stat even though th...
Do you smoke marijuana
Playing high = inconsistent aim&gamesense
9.11 great day
"Racism" != germans hating germans, but yea some people think they didnt benefit as much as others from the fall of the wall so they are salty af about it. If you ask me, there llives would be even mo...
Jews are worse than SS?
Ss was much worse than this, making special systems just to kill people
Worst roster move in history
SK were shit before this move, the problem is fallen imo, he cant include new players into his system. Examples are boltz, stewie, tarik, felps and they even admitted it happened with lucas aswell in ...
Mb og draken, would be more likely and better move
Burger price inyour country?
Burger price inyour country?
No, but average salary in germany is higher than russia
Burger price inyour country?
yes but moscow men makes like 2 ct an hour, so its fair if burger more expensive in germany
Burger price inyour country?
USA, why is this OK?
Why has it to be developed? Capitalism is the reason a lot of people in underdeveloped countries starve
Why people hate religion?
Bro you missed the shit catholic church been doing? There are lots of reason to hate that institution