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Budapest Five vs GORILLAZ
ikr 😂 kory and fleav are great too, but torzsi is definitely superior to them nagy baj van a hozzáállással, lenne itt sok player, csak semmi motiváció és szerződés nélkül azt csinálnak, amit akarna...
Budapest Five vs GORILLAZ
I don't know He sometimes streams on twitch, so maybe he could tell us But I think he won't change until a decent offer comes in or BP5 falls apart for some reason
Budapest Five vs GORILLAZ
Hungarian version of Jamppi basically He cheated when he was a little kid, got to play on hltv and regretted it, but Valve recently lifted VAC bans that are more than 5 years old, so he can have an in...
Budapest Five vs GORILLAZ
He retired from CS :/ There was an interview with him in Hungarian and he said that playing for BP5 was his last shot at making top 30 and they didn't make it, he didn't see any potential in the team ...
Budapest Five vs GORILLAZ
Not everything is about hltv rating and flashy plays kRYSTAL was deemed to be the 'worst pro ever' when he played for Godsent and they still managed to beat t1 teams
Best city for me
r8 this view near my house - 2
10/10 Wallpaper material 😍
Longest match ever
XENEX vs exceL 46-42 DenDD vs PixelFire 38-41
Gambit vs Akuma
your country's biggest esports achievement
HEET - top 30 in Valorant IEM Katowice 2019, FACEIT Major 2018, ELEAGUE Major 2017 - DeadFox (HellRaisers) IEM Season XI Oakland - Vizicsacsi (Unicorns of Love) RAISY - among the best players in Quake...
Budapest Five vs GORILLAZ
gl #BP5
Discord Rebrand
+1 It's a very subtle difference, but at least, it didn't turn bad
Gorrilaz org leaked?
Mental state
I'm doing good, although my sleep schedule is fcked up and sitting at home is a bit boring at times, but what can you do 🙂 At least the vaccination is in full swing, I'm also waiting for my vaccine, ...