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I think i'm deperessed
I can see what you are getting at, and it was originally that my life is just sad and that eventually i'll get through it and it will all be good. But as people i considered really close started dista...
I think i'm deperessed
but i have nothing to do outside, every friend I've had a has gone a different way in life, I know i need to exercise etc. even got a gym membership to try to change things, but i always seem to end u...
I think i'm deperessed
no friends, life going nowhere, at that point in my life where i should have done something but i haven't. I was good at things once upon a time, but i feel that i'm not good an anything anymore, can'...
I think i'm deperessed
been developing for a while
I think i'm deperessed
about 1.5 years
FaZe vs Liquid
They're just kicking a corpse at this point
500€ on fnatic ez
s1mple donation
He's raising awareness and basically saying 'I donated, so should you'
AVANT vs Grayhound
Me too
AVANT vs Grayhound
They should, sterling wasn't great initially, but they whipped him in to shape quickly. He's adapted well, but while he's no Gratata, he's still a good pickup.
is 'chingchong' racist?
It's mocking the way a certain race speaks, so yeah it's racist in some circumstances
$5.000.000 Major
The Dota 2 International made news i Australia, and even made the Australian winner one of the highest paid athletes in the country, yet most people don't even know about competitive cs, Money talks a...
Tainted Minds vs Chiefs
'nothing to add' continues to add tho
A choke is when you lose a lead you should hold, like leading 14-7 and losing 14-16. A throw is intentionally losing the game, as in throwing it away which you do on purpose.
It's choked not throw, learn the difference