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Denmark #1 cs region NO DOUBT
U can always take few matches out of context of another matches just to make ur team look decent. But I can do the same with fnatic recent loses. I can state that they have lost to Ence, MRiders, dogs...
Denmark #1 cs region NO DOUBT
As u say. But the fact is astralis trashed fnatic without any chance in kato, ecs, epl s10, and cologne 2019. While fnatic have won only one important match against them in malmo semis. The other two ...
Denmark #1 cs region NO DOUBT
Check the h2h. Fnatic were fucked by astralis on the last lan this year rofl...
Denmark #1 cs region NO DOUBT
chrisj fan != mouz fan. I am impressed by ur stupidity. Stating that fnatic is better than astralis... You should check h2h history before saying that. Astralis has like 2x more wins against fnatic in...
Denmark #1 cs region NO DOUBT
and got destroyed by movistar rider on their best map, rofl. Dont even compare fnatic to astralis...
zywoo lmaoooooooo
elec top5 player. Shox, apex, rpk, misuta - bots.
"s1mple is a baiter"
Check his surviving stats rofl. That is basically the baiting stat.
Ye, I will not say it was a fluke major. C9 were good back then. But rush was playing better as well. He is shit now - fact.
He had not first two entries that round btw. Check the demo. I doubt he had double entry once in his life)))
Roflmao. He is braindead washed up bot. Check his demo from the beginning. He plays like supreme or ge...
U just cant justify that poor performance.
That wasnt a double (konfig or blamef did the most important entry in that round). And if he would not be shit, coL would have closed that game before ot.
Not because of him.