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CZ+Tec 9 balanced now?
Guess u know ALL about silvers in csgo Silver spotted. Get good nub.
He looked good. Ghost will be a much harder game.
CZ+Tec 9 balanced now?
Atleast ppl are actually buying the t9 again.
wtf only 100k watching major ?
Wait till liquid plays next. Easy 900k viewers
New Dignitas
He deff is
steel from Ghost
No motivation I think. Still banned from majors so top tier teams won’t pick him up. RIP young dumb throw career ending move.
me every 2 hours
Won’t happen till season 8 is over. But with them missing out on ecs they could get 3weeks in of practice with a new player(konfig)
steel from Ghost
Funny how they left steel out when ibp got unbanned(daze swag azk) and he is currently only one on a decent team. Brax n swole May have a chance to be alright but not as good as ghost.
New Dignitas
I’d say Ethan most consistent with cerq or brez more likely to drop 30bombs during games.
NA dreamteam
NA dream team just get a awper on liquid.
guys lets stop eat cow and pig meat
No thanks.
Liquid choke?
Lmfao so u are judging players by online stats hahahaha lan counts. Jdm got more experience then anyone in that past game and got 8 kills while getting a 4K saving his awp. So he got 4 kills in that g...
Liquid choke?
U can clearly see a skill gap between him and the rest of envy’s players. With renegades he did what igls do. Now that he is no longer igl it’s worth for a bigger org to give him a shot. Loook at twis...
Liquid choke?
Save nifty -taco +nifty