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rate view from my flat
Looks like hogwarts
Remeber FACEIT Major?
Liquid sent Astralis to the losers bracket
American traditional food
Mmm inferno wings and bluchzzzz
American traditional food Global warming. American media has been feeding everyone his bullshit for past 20 years so that’s a American dish. ...
Can you be racist against white people?
answer that the media wants u to beleive is only whites are racist Real world answer everyone got some type of racism in them. Especially the way they cry racism for EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING ANYMORE....
If I were the devil
+1 some 40 years ago that was recorded
Nip had best era ever. But nip/fnatic didn’t have as much competition as lg/sk current Astralis did or do.
TARIK back to C9
Only if c9 trades auti to liquid for stew
If I were the devil
I posted this 3 months ago. Scary how accurate it is. Literally 90% of it is true.
Mouz 5th
Would be sick if faze got sunny. Now all they gota do is -rain And maybe -Olof unless they get a top 20 rifler then if they do they can keep Olof.
Free csgo is a joke
+1 Since they pulled that shit with going after skin selling websites I haven’t spent a dime on cs. I don’t play it anyway but couple times a month I’d buy 10 keys of so and open some cases but nope....
hello internet world
Kk nice.
hello internet world
Good morning my dear liberal friend. New account??? Flurries 35f with lots of wind. It sucks feels like 18f out here.
Free csgo is a joke
Not in the eyes of valve. Xmas time means lots of steam gift cards free game means lots of new players new players mean lots of people buying keys cases and skins off market. Ezzz Money for the money ...
Did taco make liquid better?
Ok and what team did better againts Astralis jerkoff????? Congratz faze did one rest games blowouts Navi did once rest blowouts and Astralis let fellow country men beat them for the extra money. Liqui...