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NiP still top 1
the organization or the player?
NiKo career ruined
- what Niko want? IGL or Fragging, we all like to watch Niko Fragging, but Niko decides to IGL even before kicking Karrigan, so I'm pretty sure he* want to IGL more than a top fragger - and you saying...
Climate change
fix climate change the most optimal way: commit not alive (just a joke pls no ban)
Best FaZe Fix
1 million dollars in ur debit card for 1 day
in my country at my city? 1 million us dollar? real estate baby! buy houses in big boi district rent out few then don't have to work ever again!
AMD > Intel
1st: it's clearly a joke 2nd: no I don't mean that kind of small sponsor and Evil Geniuses?and Do we have EG csgo team? - what I mean is AMD Esport organization
Hardcore minecraft
you can't complete Minecraft since there is no real end goal, Minecraft speed runner set their record of how fast you can kill the dragon as their goal, but really, there's is non real goal in normal ...
Hardcore minecraft
no one can complete minecraft but hardcore yes.... by dying so yes i have complete hardcore mc
AMD > Intel
- but AMD IS hot hot, like 273.15 kelvin hot! - but average Intel with stock cooler is clock at 60 celsius! my I9 99999999k 14mm++++++ technology is only at 69 celsius while gaming, that still better...
Top 5 Favorite Skins
- back in 2011 where cs go beta came, I thought we have EZ workshop skin share. - you can just pick one at the workshop and chose whatever skin you like, I was stoked! - nowadays thousand of skins sub...
I am 198cm
rice field my nibbas
I am 198cm
Asian 172cm, 5'64 Every old people i meet, OMG this some tall boi! yes 172cm is considered tall in here no, i don't think my self tall i actually wanted to be a bit shorter, be more compact and agile
MIBR vs G2
EZ for ZEW
Build your team
Me My Friend My other Friend in NA That friend who only fan of top 5 Team Than Friend who like to cheer for the Underdog