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Ancient vs Giants
i don t care about what you think. Currently i know that you are a low IQ person.
Ancient vs Giants
what you said???
Who is your favourite player
Astralis Only Beat Liquid Because...
Post your Pick'ems.
My picks: -3-0 Liquid; -0-3 Avangar: Rest: -Astralis; -NaVi; -NRG; -G2; -Mousesports; -Vitality; -Faze; If you want to substitute some team put North, Ence, MIBR or maybe hard to happen but Renegades
it's my birthday :D
Happy birthday! But you know that no one cares about it.
Old lineups you miss?
I think everyone miss old VP but I really miss a lot the old line up of Kinguin, G2 and Faze. Fox, Scream, Rain, Maikelele, Dennis
Best country to live
I forgot to point Japan, Belgium and Luxembourg that are actually excellent countries too. PS: Luxembourg has the highest minimum salary in Europe that is 2000€.
Best country to live
Portugal is actually on of the best country to live and it could be the best in Europe, but the problem hear is the salary, that is lower, 600€ minimum salary and we have some corruption that fucked u...
Giants vs GamerLegion
We just have one the best quality on education in Europe and we are idiots haha. And if I talk to you that Portugal has one of the best crowd ever seen in CSGO. So do not talk the things that you do n...
Giants vs GamerLegion
Hoping for the win of the Giants
I put Portugal. Is not only because it is coutry that i live but hear we have a really good quality of life, we have good climate, one of the best education and things about health in EU. We just have...
Brilliant answer. +1
Queso vs Giants
Lets go Giants