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From gtx1060 -> rtx2070 ?
yeah buy overpriced stuff!
Faceit Anticheat
lmao so many players been farming Fpoints since 2014, But i dont think faceit would care beacuse they are husslers to!
csgo boring
I guess those are the casual ones that Valve focus 100% on. CSGO is just a money making machine for the owners.
Well this is what most of you voted for :) Have fun
Scandinavian nicknames
Jörgen Göran Göte Björn Börje Bög
playing against nova on aimmap wow nice content much skills
2019 World Men's Handball Championship
The team went overboard at mcdonald's in FL, James gained to much weight and the goalie, yeah he had to quit
s1mple >>> olof
olof went from super good to super ghost. lmao
update that killed csgo
I wish Valve themself could make maps like D2, tuscan etc, But they CANT
Flow vs Endpoint
Looks like matchmaking wtf? Trash team play tbh
Pasha trolls AdreN
dead game xd
Never going pro
Yeah you are not the first nor the last, The ones who made it in the circle will forever be shady for accepting how things are. = /
Is Valve a good developer for CS:GO?
depends what you mean, all i know is they do create content for the casual players.. always been and will always be. Their baby ,. dota ,. is the money maker so even if cs genre die on steam they wil...
Pros You’ve Played Against?
I got to play versus NiP twice during my hardcore times in csgo 2012-14 and Verygames, Back in 1.6 me and my brother and a friend were playing a random cup with 2 randoms. against spawn and his mix te...
emilia hult
kid no ty