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NA carried by Asian.
Israelian shooting Palestinian
Racist Palestinians should leave the rightful owners of the land alone.
1st countries that could become 3rd ?
Audi, VW, and Porsche are under the same company.
"new" NTC
They won't qualify for any decent tournament and will disband within 3 months.
But Elige > Twistzzz. Oh nvm, saw flag.
coldzera without taco
Is there any Brazilian who doesn't like SK?
Doubt it. Brazilians are one of the most nationalist people on Earth.
C9's 5th announce in 8 mins.
FNS wasn't either when he was transferred to C9.
Cloud9 vs TeamOne
Skadoodle throwing for skins again.
Top Racist and Top Tolerant Countries
India is actually the most racist country in the world.
Respect FaZe
Luck clan ran out of luck. OMEGALUL
FNATIC ERA 2.0!?!?
They got 2-0'd by Tyloo a week ago and are now in the grand finals. Obvious cheat or match fixing present here.
Most men, not just online gamers, are losers and would not be having constant relationships let alone sex with women who are more attractive than pansy. So even in the real world, I don't believe she ...
Then we both agree your original statement is wrong. She doesn't get friendzoned too much at all.
The vast majority of men would have sex with her. I don't know what fantasy land you're living in where all men have sex with 10/10 supermodels but this isn't it.