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BIG vs Natus Vincere
They prob will cuz like Always they insta ban cache
Then he changes
Person you want to sex the most
Movistar Riders vs forZe
and btw the only players i THINK are on fpl from ur scene is fox mutiris mixwell and lowel so the others arent even on fpl...
Movistar Riders vs forZe
i just follow those 2 teams from the scene and its an iberian scene portugal doesnt even have their own "fpl" just like spain doesnt u guys are the same scene... giants is just playing in ur spanish l...
Movistar Riders vs forZe
depends on the tier i think
Movistar Riders vs forZe
u didnt even played wtf LOOOL
Movistar Riders vs forZe
I like giatns as i like MR i just dont like stupid people like u that say that a org cuz have 5 players from other country is cuz that country cant afford an org bro just dont be stupid 4 real damnn
Movistar Riders vs forZe
Wtf ? Im not even from Portugal are u retarded ? Holly fuck spainiard education
Movistar Riders vs forZe
Bro ur so damn retard i just said Fox name and ur saying i support him as a God LOOOL understand ur SCENE IS PURE FUCKING DOGSHIT just like mine...
Movistar Riders vs forZe
Ur stupid... If u cut MR no1 on spain is better than rmn killdream fox and mutiris ... Spain just had 3/4 decent players all in MR ... Others than that are just PURE SHIT like the rest of the Portugal...
Movistar Riders vs forZe
That doesnt mean anything most of the orgs doesnt have a team of their Country imo why did a spanish org picked 5 pt if they could find 5 spanish them ? Idc about all those shitty teams just dont be r...
Vega Squadron vs compLexity
That wasnt anything special tbh still a toxic yellow teeth
At school and bored right now
Wouldn't be bored if you didnt have that mustache