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Your dream rooster?
idk, maybe a black one with a tint of red
BEST KNIFE - budget 150£
huntsman vanilla is sexy for its price
on matches? what kind of factors do you use to determine a team's elo?
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
you just don't know shit about matchbetting i guess, not that i make a living out of it either you do not need to know every little shitty detail about a team, main correlations are probably from rec...
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
it's a culture within finnish culture, i don't take part tho
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
??? profiting from matchbetting requires statistical skills, a deeper understanding of odds + seeing correlations between factors, and it's very well possible, many people bet on matches for a living....
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
if your income depends on betting (actually statistically winning long-term, not shitty slot games) you're probably mathematically gifted, and a smart mens))
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
some sites will probably ban users from finland, no matter the payment method (i think pinnacle's gonna do this) also, has it been already decided? this kind of shit is fucking dumb, what does creati...
Reasons of woxic leave
C9.fer and C9.TACO [INSIDE]
a story in 2 links
No one should have to go through what I had to. what a martyr, someone told him to kill himself once or something, over the internet
b1t ????????
i dont fucking know "it" please explain the joke :(
b1t ????????
what the fuck is that roast