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FaZe unveil coldzera
The arrogant and cocky GOAT.
i tell a joke
I'll tell you other funniest than that. MIBR will win IEM Chicago 2019
Have you about wild rivalry?That's it. Boca vs River plate? huh! It's not difficult to see that. Call them whatever you want.
Mibr fix
Stop that shit 1384091238409123841203408128304812 MIBR threads. Leave those shitty heads alone.
MIBR | kNgV-
Would be a refreshing change for both player and MIBR team as they both fucked up.
Explain gaules
I can't stand watching him streaming. Nothing against him ,but if you want to see some professional explanations or notions about cs just go for the official streamings whether EN or PT_BR.
fnx mibr confirmed
Most hilarious player in Cs off scene.
Brazil look here!
Good luck m8... Hope u live to count us ur stories.
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Shaving armpits?
It's a matter of higiene and not merely stetic,but It's also personal choice. Honestly i can't imagine myself with all that bush in the armpit flexing at the gym.
Best team logos
LG G2 Liquid BiG Ence
KNG wouldn deal with Fallen,Fer and Cold. Imo they're aren't close. And if i was KingVito i would go to LG. If i could build a lineup right now,would be like this: Kng Boltz V$m trk Felps
TOP 5 Players
S1mple ZywOo Elige Niko/Dev1ce Dev1ce/Niko.
MIBR fix
Fuck ...STOP with those nonsense about replacing MIBR for FURIA players. Won't happen so soon.
That's why MIBR is utterly thrash and it's getting even worse and worse. Personal feelings are taking control over the roster. Cold an awesome player ,but seems like and arrogant and spoiled kid that ...