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CompLexity New Roster
Unreal, can’t wait
Actually fix C9 challenge
Daps builds great teams in a great system - keeping Mixwell and Koosta is good for his system as they seem to believe in it and fit it very well. Shahzam is arguably NA’s best benched player right now...
Actually fix C9 challenge
I’ve always thought of Mixwell as more of a hybrid player, as with Koosta. They both have a lot of chemistry within Daps’ system and I’m a firm believer in the teams that he builds.
Actually fix C9 challenge
Daps Koosta Shahzam (Main AWPer) Mixwell (Second AWPer) Autimatic
I was thinking +K0nfig and either Oskar or Wardell
Is Aleksib overrated or underrated?
You’ve just gotta look at how mediocre ENCE look now that he’s not leading the line. He’s an excellent IGL and one of the best around atm, but people act like he’s the best IGL in the world and that h...
Real OG lineup
Aleksib (IGL) NBK- (Support) Poizon (AWPer) Valde (Lurker) ISSAA (Entry)
Create the best team
ZywOo (AWPer) S1mple (Rifler) Gla1ve (IGL) Xyp9x (Support) Elige (Rifler) Zonic (Coach) Smooya (AWPer) Surreal (Rifler) Alex (IGL) Dephh (Support) Thomas (Rifler/Entry) Keita (Coach)
I guess your IRL name
Nah; Joey
I guess your IRL name
Go on then
IKEA is a maze
Try .noclip
BlameF Rush Shahzam oBo k0nfig They should keep an NA core and k0nfig has a lot to prove and has started to pick up some insane motivation so a fresh new start in a new region could be exactly what h...
Ex6tenz < Smithzz
SmithZz actually achieved something in GO, so you’re right
broky will be kicked soon
Best IGL available to them roleswise by far
broky will be kicked soon
Best major