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r8 my shit
some nice plays blyat.
Coldzera beast
Coldzera vs Space of sk play so bad
looks like Coldzera vs Space Soldiers ..his teamates play like shit
Polish Music
Ye that's classic man...Everyone know this man in our country.
that's sweet hope Fallen will rich his top form like b4
CZ still just as good
ages?? don't think so but talking about rekt-9 and fuc-7 as well...just want to say that pistols are balanced at the moment CZ fire rate is the only op think but i like to use it :D
CZ still just as good
Fire rate can be decreased but I don't want valve to nerf and bost pistol cuz they been broken for a long time and make game so stupid when $300 can 1 shot kill u..
hltv logic
yee this why of thinking got half of hltv users....
CZ shouldn't have been nerfed.
True...Love to play cz
FNATIC 200iq
I will support VP even when they play like shit a loss to noname team's,also support every polish team in international stage and there is nothing wrong with that.
FNATIC 200iq
I don't understand why they kick Lekr0 and leave Golden in a team...They will do much better with Lekro0 and Xzit in a squad.
Epic Music
hahaha some oldschool shit :D
A$AP new song
This shit sound like old Rocky...beast
Should I quit my job for this
your life your choice...but if u do what u love then u will never work a day in ur life
Most important thing for players in a match like this is to end a game without injury.Still good result for Norway but you know....