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MOUZ FAN come here
Mouz haters mad
“Global warming”
yes, exactly. This is because idiots who believe that humans dont cause climate change (either because it makes them money to avoid regulations or because they blindly follow partisan politics) are pr...
“Global warming”
lol this makes no sense. Yes, the earth survived the asteroid but the animals didnt. If a giant asteroid the size of the Chixculub crater one hit the earth right now we would all die lmao. The ash in ...
“Global warming”
This is misleading. Of course, there are a million things that contribute to CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The problem is that humans are adding CO2 that cant be naturally consumed bu the oceans and v...
NiP New 5th
Wtf so every team is either favorable to be the best team is the world or needs to make roster changes? It took Ence well over a year of wallowing in Mdl and tier 3 CS before they hit their form. Fnat...
MSL, pashaBiceps, jdm64, mou
None of them can rifle
NiP New 5th
Except fnatic just made finals in two Premier events in a row and barely lost to Liquid 2-3 in one of them. fnatic making changes would be suicide considering the potential on that team. Also, Krimz a...
Ryzen 2200g + rx 570 + 8gb + Monitor
You are right it looks like it runs the game at 200-300 fps on lower settings. Looks like im even dumber than i thought lol
Ryzen 2200g + rx 570 + 8gb + Monitor
I am getting this exact build. Should be able to get 1080p 60fps on any game out right now. It gets like 300+ fps in CSGO so there is no need to worry about that. In fact, if you used the integrated g...
netflix series
26% of people gave it 1 star. Looks like the anti-SJW folk review bombed it without watching because they didn't like the title. Discounting the 1 and 10 star ratings(to remove outliers/review bombing...
netflix series
Has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes so it has to be good at least
Classic 0iq debating to just flood everyone with random evidence without making any real claims or using your own logic. All you have proven is that races are genetically different. Of course they are...
Muslims = Happiest people?
I mean Coldzera and Happy are past their prime but don't forget that these guys are legends at this game. Coldzera was #1 2 years in a row and his last tournament was literally his only bad event in ...
saying nigger as a white guy
Black ppl still face racial discrimination in the U.S. even if its not as blatant as slavery. I dont have a problem with people saying it to friends in private situations, but I feel like a white pers...
saying nigger as a white guy
Fr tho. I dont think I've ever heard anyone say the n-word hard R and not at least get at least a few weird looks. I've heard white ppl say nigga and honestly idk b/c I say nigga to my friends sometim...