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polish football league is the worst?
So now they are just parasites. I understand why they don't have permission to work yet, but I don't understand why they get so much money for doing nothing. Almost everyone have new iPhone, hugo boss...
polish football league is the worst?
Merkel don't give a fuck about you, if she close you in cage with this dirty shit called refugees. And I am very happy, that you deported 30k muslims, but I think they are still coming to your country...
polish football league is the worst?
Don't need to ruin relationship with germany, because they alredy ruined their own country. We will be looking from "useless country" on your death. "Most powerful country of europe" can't stop muslim...
s1mple with cheats > s1mple without cheats > s1mple without cs:go > s1mple without computer > dead s1mple > krimz
polish football league is the worst?
Kings of europe germany XDDD you will be dead in 2030, and it will be actually kings of europe ISIS. Fuck germany, fuck merkel and fuck muslims. Have a nice day.
Best full save wins
MICHU TOP 10 2018
doesn't matter what team he is playing, so playing well on t3, t2, t1 teams won't make you top20. But playing good on big tournaments can make you top20. So if t3 teams will qualify to major you can b...
VP Inferno
the same meaning, but thanks I appreciate that. Still GG VP. Also I am 2 young 2 pretty and 2 wise to kill myself, but thanks for advice idiot XD vs GODSENT
No, I can only write, also I have tourette and I scream sometimes under random comment things like "VP won mirage". What's your problem? vs GODSENT
VP won mirage vs GODSENT
actually he is legend and you are dogshit, but keep going.
Boycot FaZe
For sure they will be very sad if you stop supporting them