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Active CSGO Pro playing local lans. Can awp and IGL also support. If interested just email me at Danielbarracudawojo@gmail.com. Also big follower of pro CSGO since 2014.
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They have some options if they want to rebuy a team. They have the ex envyus They have some swedish rosters and other teams like the ex splyce boys
Answer THREE (3) questions to get your ACCURATE IQ!
Fork right knife left Lower right After pants
C9 4th/5th?
Golden will probably Get signed as an IGL and i hope they pull somebody better than Styko. Maybe apex. Im my opinion -Skadoodle +JDM +Golden +Sick/another good upcoming star
first tattoo/tattoos
I got my forst tattoo at 16. It was an eagle witn polish flag wrapped around it.
Next dominant player
Woxic, zywoo or brollan.
Esl Cologne Rigged?
Its not rigged or fixed. Big have been playing great and other teams are not playing at their best. ie liquid, MiBR-Dropping in groups. G2,Fnatic-comijg in with new rosters. Navi looking great, astra...
But early on Players like Delpan, Gux,Whimp,Spawn, and others were the best. Then they came along and usurped the crown. Also Forest and Neo still play and aren’t as good as the 1.6 days. There are wa...
They are also good but still im thinking 1.6 legends
Best CS player ever would be either Delpan,Whimp,Spawn, DSN or some other 1.6 legend.
Top 10 CS Countries
1.Sweden 2.Denmark 3.Ukraine 4.France 5.Brazil 6.USA 7.Canada 8.Russia 9.Poland 10.Germany
-get_Right plus golden to IGL cause dennis cant Get forrest on the awp, dennis entry lekro and or rez support while the other lurks
Faze will win Faceit Major
They may. Depending on if olof comes back. Ut guardian i would have to say is not the best awper Imo is KennyS(Been here longer and is the btter awper) Guardian( 2nd only to Kenny.) Device( up and...
ESL ONE Cologne
Im going off stats and plus MiBR/SK have looked pretty bad recently so MiBR may not make out of groups and if they do they will probably go out in quarters
Cologne Day 1 bets
Im just going off statistics plus C9 V NiP and Fnatic V North are gonna be close So from your perspective this is a no upset run but to a C9 or North fan these predictions are an upset. But the rest o...
ESL ONE Cologne
——Group-A———————— Astralis V Ence: 16-4 Astralis NiP V C9: 16-12 NiP Mouz V Gambit: 16-8 Mouz G2 V NaVi: 16-5 NaVi ——Group-B———————— FaZe V BootDS: 16-2 FaZe Renegades V MiBR: 16-8 MiBR Fnatic V Nort...