Active CSGO Pro playing local lans. Can awp and IGL also support. If interested just email me at Also big follower of pro CSGO since 2014.
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Make CS great again
Cant agree with the fnatic move Imo -Xizt +Golden
Nrg move
They didnt. Imo they need more forepower Either fugly and brehze need to step up and be stars alongside cerq and nahte. Or get rid of both of them and add rush and autimatic NRG Daps Nahte Rush Aut...
G2 i m out
Agreed. I think they saw Fnatic’s run at chicago and saw a bunch of teams picking up young players but atleast players like Ropz,Brollan,SergeJ,twistzz,and others have got to some lans at somepoint. N...
I fix your favorite team
S1mple and coldzera in same team
If we took the best player of every year what would the team be? Imo S1mple Coldzera Olofmeister NiKo Guardian
Liquid Throw?
Cry is free
Your birthday
Aye das nice
TOP 10 players this year
NiP > fnatic by far
Im a hardcore fnatic fan but i can see that nip is looking better that Fnatic by far. Fnatic need to toss trash xizt and bring in a better IGL like hampus or even buy back golden. But that wont happen...
I guess your favorite cs:go player 100%
Nope Lekr0
I guess your favorite cs:go player 100%
USA Ak After Hamburger Fnatic/KrimZ
best 2pac remix ever
Damn. I love it.
Name team that will never have era
Yes but imo gary oldman does a better portrayal of churchil than brian cox. I love brian but imo it is very hard for him to be a non comedic actor.
Deadpool Deadpool 2 Logan Black panther Hacksaw ridge Dunkirk Darkest hour Baby driver John wick John wick 2 Kingsman Kingsman 2 Hateful 8 Hitmans bodyguard Mad Max Dury Road 1922 Get out The revenant...