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Active CSGO Pro playing local lans. Can awp and IGL also support. If interested just email me at Danielbarracudawojo@gmail.com. Also big follower of pro CSGO since 2014.
Forum posts
-deadfox +hobbit?
CIS dream twam shuffle NaVi -Edward +Hobbit Gambit -Hobbit -Dosia +Edward or seized +waterfallz Hellraisers dont need a change
CS SHUFFLE after major
Fnatic need to toss xizt and bring in either another igl or a new young star player
New mouse
-xizt +golden C9 -Golden +Twist -Skadoodle +yay
I think he can do good work in a team like heroic but would Love to see him in a team like fnatic even tho i know it’s probably not gonna happen
if fnatic beat vega
cloud 9 fix
They should keep styko if they toss rush and skadoodle But if they dont toss rush then they toss skadoodle
Ye i think golden ant auti should stay -rush if he cant be more consistent -SKADOODLE -Styko (Unless they bring in more star players) +Nahte +JDM64 (yes i know people dont like him but they need a b...
r8 pickem
Personally i think they should’ve kept golden since he was up and coming and is more tactical. Which is needed in cs now
cloud 9 fix
First of all c9 signed golden he is no longer a standin. Second imo styko is a dedicated supportive player since he has been doing it all this time in mouz. They need to get a better awper so skadad...
dating a feminist AMA
They need to toss styko for a better star player.
r8 pickem
Replace one team with fnatic. They have not missed a major playoff and i dont think they will start now.
Players who deserves better team
Brollan. SergeJ, frozen, cerq. All the young players. Oh and zywoo too
Infinite He is up and coming and was just dropped by dignitas