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Best kick in history?
dignitas -tenski
Give me a movie
Good Will Hunting
depends. most people in canada are super nice. there are also bitter old white people who are not as nice, but they tend to live in more rural cottage country. respect our culture and country as i as...
BnTeT situation
Stale meme
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I hate idiots
Teams that could challenge Astralis?
No these are all pretty shit
CSGO not even top 10 on Twitch rn
device glaive s1mple twistzz naf zews way too ez all in the top 3 teams and roles almost work but you didnt have support players so top 2 at best 29$$
It's a good game for sure, there is not a good argument as to why it is a poorly made game. That being said it can be hard to play for the same reasons as CSGO, because of incompetent teammates. I per...
what is the team you most liked to watch?
1: Optic w/ stanislaw/mixwell/naf/rush/tarik 2: Luminosity w/ fer/fallen/taco/coldzera/fnx 3: Liquid w/ current roster and w/ hiko/s1mple/nitro/elige/adren 4: Cloud9 w/ n0thing/freakazoid/seangares/s...
Astralis vs Liquid
yo i said "can win" not should win or will win
Astralis vs Liquid
Astralis 3 Liquid 1
Astralis vs Liquid
As seen in the major, when the pressure is not on in the group stage then liquid can win, if not they’ll face them again in the finals and I think the loser of this match will have a good chance at be...
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Navi always sucks on the first day not surprised dummies of HLTV don’t realize this. That being said I’m hoping for my boyys on mouz!!