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Gambit vs Natus Vincere
classic navi creating themselves a problem from nothing
have to watch with headphones 2 games because of this screaming bitch
Heroic vs G2
danish kids should learn from amanek. if they were 100% disciplined in decisive moments they would be in the final
G2 become first team to reach PGL Major playoffs after defeating Entropiq
inferior teams just cannot help themselves, always find ways to throw
Major CS:GO update inverts Dust2 B doors; improves visibility
great update, really appreciate 40fps at inferno ct spawn
48k, random track on a loop is my favorite this year again
[+18] ZEUS
im sure you’ll see him many times more. like most retired players he’ll return to play for some obscure team, mixes and national team
NaVi roster after Berlin
navi is zeus. without him this org will not get to major. people from other countries dont understand how undisciplined and generally stupid our people are. only luck and strong leader occasionally gi...
Renegades vs G2
what exactly shox was doing almost every round?
Heroic confirm blameF signing
its a question of time when they gonna shut down the whole project add TOAO and bring back Snax, byali to form new roster
instead of creating a team in their own country vp keeps sponsoring foreign mediocrity ;( lineup ceases competition
gg neo and co, you carried the whole country for so many years
Official: mousesports bring STYKO back into starting lineup
also bring back denis and spidi #dreamteam
HR +Espiranto -Deadfox
df is one of the worst players there is at the level that hr is playing at recently. so literally anyone should be a good candidate
Heroic vs Kinguin
wtf is this game, mm, dm, omg