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compLexity vs G2
kenny with awp and ex6 overall are very bad atm
TWD is a going to die
in the next 2 seasons they most likely gonna kill all original characters so if you are patient enough to get this far you’ll survive. btw negan is the new good and main guy now
England Rigged
yes, something is wrong with linesmen
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
cmon olof u can do it
HellRaisers vs Renegades
havent seen hr playing for month but nothing changed, they still look like random mix of scarried kids
FaZe vs Cloud9
I wish eleague showed faze ingame actions more than 1% of the time
Liquid vs Vega Squadron
jr throwing away ak and then vega losing 2vs3 for no reason. looks like someone is drunk from success
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Gambit
gj qbf. all underdogs at this major doing great which is always fun to see
Quantum Bellator Fire vs Gambit
having great round advantage and not trying to bruteforce B is just stupid, another example of not knowing what to do with awp on t side
Visiting Ukraine
you wont be be able to get to unsafe places. odessa is the only coastal option
postpone your trip till late spring. winter here is dark, dirty and ugly as hell. and 100$ is not enough unless you eat only ramen. in summer food will be several times cheaper and losts of sun light ...
Spotify Year in music
you need to loop and mute some random playlist, go to lunch and forget, and next year spotify will say those were your fav genre, artist and song lol
Spotify Year in music
out of 20k mins of music listened, spotify chose 3 top songs that i dont even remember, gj