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r8 redhead cutie
Navi ceo is the problem ffs
Source 2
Tf2 is 10yrs old and its doing ok. People will be playing csgo just like they played 1.6 until next major thing appears. New maps, cases, events or new addons of all kinds will help csgo to stay relev...
Source 2
Already existing games wont be ported to source2 anymore, unless its something easy like pinball or one of hl2 spinoffs
Miss Hannover 2017 - WTF?
At least girls on both sides are still good
Best raper in your country?
Whats rap? We are still mostly working on melodies and rhythms of 90s here
Amazing shows/series
Lost, under the dome, terra nova, falling skies, defiance, revolution, jericho
R8 Seized's gf
drama series
The affair, the path
Why Italy is no longer a world superpower
Italy never was a superpower. Roman empire is not italy, mussolini wasnt famous for his economical genious and beautiful streets is all you have. Im generous today and add fiat for you as a major asse...
floyd is lucky
Boxing is just outdated and boring, like football. Even with rules that become more ridiculous each year this shit is still popular in 2k17 omg
Nazi racists etc.
It doesnt really matter whos violent. Violence is just a natural response to one saying his more special than others. On personal level it may not come to violence but crowd is another thing. And all ...
Nazi racists etc.
From outside of america black lifes etc is way more visible than kkk etc which looks more like a joke
Nazi racists etc.
Black racism is so mainstream in america so it was no surprise that white racism became a thing again.
Navi after major