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postpone your trip till late spring. winter here is dark, dirty and ugly as hell. and 100$ is not enough unless you eat only ramen. in summer food will be several times cheaper and losts of sun light ...
Spotify Year in music
you need to loop and mute some random playlist, go to lunch and forget, and next year spotify will say those were your fav genre, artist and song lol
Spotify Year in music
out of 20k mins of music listened, spotify chose 3 top songs that i dont even remember, gj
Na'Vi Tier?
should reach major semifinal
Trusted MM is a joke
trusted or not 90% of people dont speak english in game, some talk between rounds but not in game )) so you rape with good comms or get raped otherwise, balanced matches are extremely rare
Watch Dogs for free
New update help !
Just dont play this shit until valve fixes it. I wont. Cannot get used to it. It literally hurts hearing. Even voice is bad now. How the fuck is voice connected to hrtf.
Fucked up sound
Adidas or Nike
Yes, 3rd world thing. Afaik also widespread in south america and asia
Adidas or Nike
Nike, because of decades of counterfeit Adidas clothes owners became a laughingstock
r8 redhead cutie
Navi ceo is the problem ffs
G2 vs Cloud9
Poor bodyy completely lost his mojo
Source 2
Tf2 is 10yrs old and its doing ok. People will be playing csgo just like they played 1.6 until next major thing appears. New maps, cases, events or new addons of all kinds will help csgo to stay relev...
Source 2
Already existing games wont be ported to source2 anymore, unless its something easy like pinball or one of hl2 spinoffs