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so... math huh?
Kosova - When will we get our flag?
if some other serbs killed bosnians on totally different part of country then albanians have right to kill them in kosovo? pure logic. and thats totally different topic, you wont drag me there. and, ...
Kosova - When will we get our flag?
omg, dont act like that. your argument is just stupid. they surely existed, but years ago. thing have been changed A LOT since then. and, do you know a lot of muslims live in ex-yugoslavia countries?...
Kosova - When will we get our flag?
wtf dude? why you bring this up? they rulled over Balkans when killing people was normal thing. yugoslavia didnt stop albanians to migrate to kosovo, and what happened after that? they killed and ex...
lost her :c
well, smartass, hes not asking what should he do in relationship to keep her.
lost her :c
not sure if u meant it, but part where u say that she misses u 2 and she wants to fight for u, then its all pretty clear. just be again together. in case you didnt mean it, just DONT GIVE UP, i reall...
just a sec
My grandma :(
well, i think theres not much u can do. they r idiots.
My grandma :(
if u can afford to go u go, but if u cant, well theres nothing u can do, mate. hope she gets better
Playing against rushers
camp in good spots.
yes, but csgo could be shitty game and never have fame like 1.6 did/has. so, that, maybe, could be of importance for this site. because, its great way hltv.org staff is doing it work.
you can love whatever you want, how much ever you want, no mather what its your choice. but lets be real. and my question could be hypothetical, if u look that way.
Why Nikolai Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived..
serbian-[bold]american[/bold] inventor - lol
f0rest unmotivated???
well, mr. kindness, he has a point. indian guys here have been so boring last days that when i see igc on headline of some topic i dont read it. he was probably refering on indian guys from hltv.org...
most beautiful woman you ever seen?
from celebrities: anne hathaway http://static.allbackgrounds.com/bg/anne-hathaway... those non celeb girls i wont post:D